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Manage your back pain, any time, anywhere, in just 15 minutes a day – using only your smartphone.

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Kaia Back Pain Exercises is the clever app that guides you step-by-step through simple exercises to help relieve your back pain.

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The Kaia Back Pain App [...] coaches back-pain sufferers how to correctly perform therapeutic exercises known to provide relief.


An evidence-based app for back pain. The first study to demonstrate the treatment efficacy of using mobile devices for the self-management of low back pain.

Chartered Society of Physiotherapists

Patients reported significantly lower pain levels compared to the control group treated with physiotherapy and online education.

Health Tech Digital

The app creates accessible, evidence-based treatments for back pain.

Digital Health

Kaia has empirical evidence on its side… its app-based approach reduced lower back pain by 40 percent.

Venture Beat

Leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and motion-tracking technology to build a treatment program with no more than a smartphone or tablet.

Venture Beat

Back pain is the leading global cause of disability worldwide, according to the World Health Organisation. A new app aims to end the nationwide epidemic.

Daily Express newspaper

Exercises to relieve back pain that are safe, simple and office-appropriate.

Coach magazine

Life shouldn’t feel back-breaking.

And with the Kaia Back Pain Exercises App, it really doesn’t have to.

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Kaia’s Back Pain app offers...

  • Personal exercise plans

    Just like a physiotherapist, Kaia recommends exercises tailored to your pain, your body and your lifestyle.

  • Mind over matter

    Using the latest research in mindfulness and pain science, Kaia helps both your body and your brain cope with pain.

  • Back pain education

    Understanding back pain is the first step to managing back pain. We’ll teach you everything we know.

  • Backup, when you need it

    You’ll have private access to a dedicated pain coach – who can help motivate you, or answer any questions.