Helping you help yourself feel better.

Manage your back pain, any time, anywhere, in just 15 minutes a day - using only your smartphone.

It’s pretty simple, really.

Kaia Back Pain Exercises is the clever app that guides you step-by-step through simple exercises to help relieve your back pain.

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Gold standard therapy in your pocket

We’ve taken the medically agreed gold-standard therapy for MSK disorders and made it digital, so everyone can start to feel better, on their own time, from the comfort of their own home. We’re not just an app – we’re a trusted medical company (not to brag) with independent published RCTs to prove it.

What makes Kaia unique?

  • Personalised exercise plans

    Just like a physiotherapist, Kaia recommends exercises tailored to your pain, your body and your lifestyle.

  • Mind over matter

    Using the latest research in mindfulness and pain science, Kaia helps both your body and your brain cope with pain.

  • Back pain education

    Understanding back pain is the first step to managing back pain. We’ll teach you everything we know, Sensai.

  • Backup, when you need it.

    You’ll have private access to a dedicated pain coach – who can help motivate you, or answer any questions.

This is how the motion-tracking-coach works

It’s magic! Just kidding, it’s a clever technology!

The motion-tracking-coach recognizes motion patterns during the exercise trainings and gives you active feedback how you can safely and effectively perform exercises.

Kaia Back Pain. The clever app that helps you relieve back pain any time, anywhere, using only your smartphone.

  • iPhone

    Get started with Kaia’s Motion Coach today. Pssst. You can sync Kaia with your Apple Watch, too.

  • Android

    Access 250+ exercises on Android, and start relieving your back pain today.