Let’s shift the therapeutics narrative.

We’re the company changing how digital therapy is designed, deployed and experienced.

Working to solve the thorniest problems in population health.

From serving leading enterprise employers to the largest life science organizations, we’re fiercely dedicated to advancing healthcare with technology. Our products tackle top cost drivers, such as COPD and musculoskeletal conditions – with a blend of expert medical knowledge and evidence-based techniques.


It’s time to take charge of Musculoskeletal pain once and for all.

Our multimodal program safely and effectively helps both the body and the brain cope with MSK conditions. Take a look:

MSK for Employers


Home-based Pulmonary Rehabilitation, reinvented. Explore what therapeutics looks like today.

COPD for Providers

Our mission

We’re market leaders in digital therapeutics across the globe with over 400,000 users.

But we won’t stop there. In fact, we won’t stop until millions of chronic disease patients around the world have access to affordable and effective relief.

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AI Platforms

Kaia Health uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to monitor, quantify, and analyze human movement.

Our technology turns your smartphone into a digital personal trainer or physical therapist by analysing your body and offering real-time instructions and feedback.

Let’s show you how it works.

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  • Digital Biomarkers

    Kaia Health's digital biomarkers bring physical assessments out of the office or laboratory and into, well, anywhere a smartphone can go. Measure a user's range of motion, stability, flexibility and endurance directly from their device.

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  • Motion Coach

    Replicating the experience of visiting a personal trainer, Kaia Health's Motion Coach counts repetitions and provides audio and visual feedback to ensure proper exercise form.

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