Quantify health with Kaia Health’s Digital Biomarker solution

Kaia Health’s digital biomarkers help physicians and researchers understand a patient’s state of health.

What is a Kaia Health Digital Biomarker?

A clinically meaningful e-performance outcome generated through motion tracking analysis, that is used to continuously track and quantify an individual’s state of health.

A new paradigm for clinical trials and remote patient monitoring

Continuous Monitoring

Time spent driving to the clinic for long visits to conduct basic assessments is a major pain for patients. With digital biomarkers, patients generate measurements without physician oversight or intervention.

Using Kaia Health’s Digital Biomarker solution, patients assess range of motion, balance, and stability using nothing but their smartphone. The process takes minutes and can be completed in the patient’s home environment.

Deep Clinical Insights

Leverage Kaia Health’s data science expertise to find unexpected patterns and relationships in the data. Combining movement screens with short patient-reported survey questions, deep insights can be drawn between biomarker measurements and health-related outcomes.

Standardization and Consistency

Traditional movement assessments suffer from inter-rater and intra-rater reliability. With Kaia Health, biomarkers are measured objectively, leading to more transparency and consistency across physicians and sites.

Improved Patient Adherence

With years of experience building consumer-facing applications, Kaia Health provides an engaging user experience to ensure compliance and adherence. Further, patients receive real-time feedback and encouragement through Kaia Health’s Motion Coach, making the movement assessments fun and engaging.

Digital biomarkers generate value for stakeholders throughout the healthcare ecosystem

Pharmaceutical Industry and CROs

Target patients for clinical trial recruitment, using digital biomarker measurement as inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Minimize cost of clinical trials through reduced patient visits and remote patient monitoring.

Track and monitor disease progression and outcomes using the participant’s own smartphone.

Healthcare Providers

Remotely monitor disease progression to detect changes in patient health in between visits.

Evaluate patients before their first visit and triage them to the most appropriate form of care.

Categorize patient population to identify high-risk and high-cost patients.

Insurance and Payors

Individualize medical policy plans.

Accurately track outcomes to enable value-based reimbursement policies.

Better understand your patient population through comprehensive data analytics at scale.

Integration is easy

Work directly with Kaia Health to digitize the movement biomarker that fits your needs.

Kaia Health’s digital biomarkers can be deployed via a standalone mobile app or through direct product integration with Kaia’s Motion Coach SDK. Your population can then access the motion assessments from their own smartphone or tablet.

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