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    Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Back Pain

    Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) therefore induces a relaxation reaction through the stepwise (progressive) conscious tensing and relaxing of different muscle groups.

  • Kaia Health Exercises
    For Individuals

    Take a Back Health Break: Quick Back Exercises for Home

    We’ve put together some of the quickest, most helpful exercises to keep you moving at home. There’s something for everyone: We’ve got both basic and more advanced exercises. Never done back exercises before? No worries.

  • For Individuals

    Keeping Up With Your Back Health Routine at Home

    Being home more often than usual doesn’t mean your back health needs to backslide. Luckily, your Kaia Back pain app works any time, anywhere. No gym or any special equipment needed!

  • Find calm in chaos
    For Individuals

    10 Tips for Finding Calm in Chaos

    Keeping up with news updates. Maybe working from home. Waiting in long lines at grocery stores. Dealing with upended plans and many uncertainties. It’s enough to make anyone feel tense.