Musculoskeletal disorders are hurting your business.

Fight back with Kaia Health.

Take charge of Musculoskeletal (MSK) pain once and for all.

With the only options available for sufferers being expensive, ineffective or overused, we decided it was time for a change.

It’s pretty simple, really.

Kaia Health provides a multimodal program to safely and effectively help both the body and the brain cope with MSK conditions.

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Why give my employees a Musculoskeletal solution?

Many of your employees suffer from MSK today.

It’s no secret that MSK conditions cause businesses to suffer.

Not only are they expensive, but conditions like back pain significantly impact and lower your employees’ quality of life.

As long office hours take their toll, musculoskeletal issues are rising at an alarming rate.

It’s our responsibility to do something about it.

Leading to very high costs...

Musculoskeletal disorders are one of the most expensive health issues for self-insured employers, contributing significantly to both direct and indirect costs.

We've done the numbers.

  • Direct cost

    Most expensive health issue.

    1 in every $6 you spend on healthcare is due to MSK disorders.

  • Indirect cost

    11.4 work days lost per person.

    That’s more than two weeks.


    Largest driver of disability claims.

    Both long and short-term.

Current treatments simply aren't good enough.

  • Pain killers

    only mask the problem, carrying a high risk of misuse.

  • Physical therapy

    Inconsistent results due to dependency on access, attendance, and at-home adherence.

  • Surgeries

    can cost up to $50,000 per treatment (and yet, can often be avoided).

Here’s the good news though.

Unlike most other medical problems – with musculoskeletal disorders, you can have a direct, positive impact on your employees’ quality of life, simply by providing the right benefits.

(And, you know… save a lot of money in the process).

Find out how we can help

Kaia Health's program offers...

  • Personal exercise plans

    Just like a physiotherapist, Kaia recommends exercises tailored to your pain, your body and your lifestyle.

  • Mind over matter

    Using the latest research in mindfulness and pain science, it helps both your brain and your body cope with pain.

  • Pain education

    Understanding pain is the first step to managing pain. We’ll teach you everything we know, Sensai.

  • Backup, when you need it

    You’ll have private access to a dedicated accredited coach – who can help motivate you, or answer any questions.

What makes Kaia Health different?

It's technology with a human touch.

  • Custom programs

    Your personal program is created based on your condition, your progress and your feedback.

  • Motion Coach

    Motion tracking technology ensures your exercises are safe (and fun).

  • Support from day 1

    Our dedicated accredited coaches support you every step of the way.

Kaia Health in 80 seconds


  • Pain reduction

    Kaia Health users report an average pain level decrease of 43% over 12 weeks.

  • Happy employees

    Employees rate us highly – with an Net Promoter Score of 60+.

  • Stress reduction

    Users report a significant increase in mental health.

  • Delighted employers

    Kaia Health is a turnkey solution, and our clinical outcomes directly translate to cost savings.

You’re in good company.

70,000 individuals used our program last month 
– more than any other digital MSK solution.

Not to mention, we work with some of the world’s largest employers (Coca-Cola), health systems (NCH) and insurance companies.


And not just for your employees to use – for you, too. We’ve made it simple, cost-effective and metaphorically pain-free to roll out.

  • No hardware is required.

    Kaia Health doesn’t require any equipment, all you need is your smartphone – allowing Kaia Health to reach more MSK sufferers.

  • Operates within your existing ecosystem.

    We integrate a customized communication program to ensure the right employees 
are using Kaia Health.

  • Off-cycle.

    We can roll-out the benefit whenever it suits you best.

  • Pay per active user, no PEPM.

    We provide direct billing through medical claims, and charge per active user.

  • Account management.

    We offer a dedicated account management team.

  • Reporting.

    We provide detailed reporting so you can track our impact.

In summary...

Easy to implement, no PEPM and billing through medical claims.

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  • Employee experience
  • Expected engagement and impact
  • Employer support and investment

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