Computer vision technology from Kaia Health

Turn your smartphone or tablet into a digital personal trainer.

What is computer vision technology?

With the selfie camera of a smartphone, Kaia Health’s proprietary AI algorithms can analyze movements in real time to evaluate performance and guide users through training.

What can Kaia Health computer vision technology do?

  • Track your body's movement

    Identify body landmarks in an image or video to understand someone’s posture and movement.

  • Ensure proper form during exercise

    Make exercising fun and safe by analysing form and delivering real-time corrective feedback.

  • Quantify movement as a digital biomarker

    Calculate flexibility, range of motion and stability to determine fitness level and other measures of health.

No specialty hardware required.

That’s right, Kaia Health does not require wearable devices, specialty cameras, or even internet connectivity, and it runs directly on consumer smartphones or tablets.

Kaia Health is compatible with:

iOS (iPhone 6S or beyond)

Android (Android 5.0 or beyond)

Computer vision technology vs wearable sensors

Computer vision technology vs depth-sensing camera